The search continues for 3-year-old Zaela Walker who has been missing for more than three months. The child’s father, 27-year-old Ricky Beasley, has been arrested in connection to her disappearance. But police remain hopeful the toddler will be found alive.

Police say they didn’t have enough information to prove the child was in danger when she was first reported missing.

They are now developing a timeline hoping it leads them to little Zaela. But at this point, they have more questions than answers.  The child was last seen on Aug. 25 in the 4600 block of Mission Cantina Street, near Craig Road and North 5th Street.

Her family reported her and her parents missing.

“Relatives thought it was weird that they left and thought it was a red flag at that point,” said Eric Leavitt, NLVPD.

Spokesperson for the North Las Vegas Police Department, Leavitt, says they entered the three names into a national missing person database hoping someone would see the toddler and her parents, Lakeia Walker and Ricky Beasley, both 27-year-years old.

Police believe the couple went on a road trip out of state and contacted a few friends along the way.

“That’s how we tracked them down to certain places, so it wasn’t as if they vanished off the face of the earth,” Leavitt said.

But there were no signs of little Zaela.

Then the couple was pulled over in Houston, Texas and told law enforcement they had no idea where their daughter was.

Authorities didn’t have enough to information to hold them.

Beasley was booked on a stolen vehicle charged and released. Walker was questioned before being let go. Soon after, North Las Vegas Police turned to the public for help.

More than three months after the family was first reported missing, someone called in an anonymous tip saying that they spotted the parents at the Lucky Club casino.

“We didn’t know they were here in town, back in town so that was huge,” Leavitt said.

The couple was brought in for questioning, which led to the arrest of Beasley, who detectives say was not cooperating with investigators.

The child’s mother is not a suspect in the case and is talking with police.

“Right now, we don’t have Zaela so we don’t have the full story,” Leavitt said.

Investigators believe Zaela may be with her father’s friend or associate. They want that person to come forward, saying they are not in trouble.

Police just want to locate Zaela. Meanwhile, Beasley remains in custody on kidnapping and child abuse charges.