LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local non-profit organization Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada (NHSSN) gave bags of school supplies to the teachers at an elementary school in Spring Valley.

Teachers have been setting up their classrooms for weeks, preparing for students as they head back to school today, Aug. 7.

“These teachers have been working so hard, a lot of them have been here for the last week. I had teachers calling me in the middle of July wondering when they could get back into their classrooms,” Terri Castillo, Dondero Elementary School principal, said.

NHSSN surprised the teachers at Dondero Elementary School with bags full of necessities, such as pencils, paper, disinfectant wipes, whiteboard markers, and tissues, which is the main item teachers run low on.

(Credit: KLAS/Heather Mills)

“To come into the beginning of the school year and get a ginormous bag of supplies was incredible,” stated Lindsey Schultzman, a third-grade teacher at Dondero.

With the help of community partners, NHSSN put the bags together with one thing in mind.

“The teachers are really the backbone of education. You know, the teachers, they are with our students, you know, 8 hours a day and even after the day ends, they go home and they’re grading papers and they’re planning their lessons. So, we wanted to make sure that they also got support,” said Tammi Jenson with NHSSN.

Now, those teachers are ready for the school year.