LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – No more warnings. Starting today, anyone caught illegally using the valley’s new HOV lanes will get a hefty fine.

The rules on 22 miles of high occupancy vehicle lanes changed last month.  They are now enforced 24/7.  Previously solo drivers could use the carpool lanes during off-peak hours.  It is also illegal to cross the double white lanes of an HOV lane.  Drivers need to wait for a broken line to enter or exit.

Before today, the NHP had promised to let HOV scofflaws off with just a warning.  But now a $250 fine takes effect.

Here’s a quick reminder for drivers:

  • Allowed in HOV lanes:
  • Vehicles with two or more people inside
  • Motorcycles
  • Emergency and law enforcement vehicles

Not allowed in HOV lanes:

  • Vehicles with one person (unless a motorcycle)
  • Trucks with more than two axles
  • Electric cars with only one occupant