LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada Highway Patrol released details and video from Sunday morning’s deadly trooper-involved shooting. The suspect was not armed but appeared to make several motions as if he was going to point a gun at troopers.

The shooting happened Sunday morning on East Lake Mead Boulevard, near Pabco Road, far east of Las Vegas.

The suspect, 41-year-old Adrian Zarate-Cervantes, was in a fight with his wife, when he called 911, according to NHP Col. Anne Carpenter. Trooper Michael Abbate first stopped Zarate-Cervantes around 8:19 a.m. Trooper Mark Willner arrived three minutes later.

Col. Carpenter said both troopers gave orders for Zarate-Cervantes to exit the vehicle with his hands up. Both body-worn camera video and dashcam video appear to show Zarate-Cervantes reach into his waistband, behind his back, as if he was trying to grab a gun.

“The suspect stood up, made a motion that could not be mistaken for anything other than drawing a firearm, and pointed it in the direction of Trooper Abbate,” said Col. Carpenter.

Trooper Abbate opened fire first, hitting Zarate-Cervantes, who reached into his waistband for a second time. At that time, both Troopers opened fire, hitting Zarate-Cervantes again.

WARNING: Video provided by the Nevada Highway Patrol is very graphic and not suited for sensitive viewers:

Troopers ordered the woman out of the vehicle and immediately began first aid on Zarate-Cervantes, but he died at the scene.

Zarate-Cervantes would have faced charges of kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon on a protected person, and battery domestic violence if he had survived.

Both Troopers are on routine leave pending an investigation into the shooting.