Reducing confusion and improving safety: That’s the goal of the Nevada Department of Transportation’s Centennial Bowl project, which just broke ground Tuesday on its next phase.

Three new ramps will be added where the 215 beltway meets U.S. 95.  The lanes will connect eastbound 215 to U.S. 95 southbound — connect southbound U.S. 95 toward eastbound 215 — and connect northbound U.S. 95 to westbound 215.

NDOT says the interchange connections will reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility.  The $73 million project is also expected to make it easier for drivers to access businesses in that area.  NDOT says safety will also be greatly improved.

“There’s a lot of confusion out here with motorists, where they have to get and where they don’t get to get off and when you put confusion with motorists, that can lead to traffic crashes, congestion,” said Trooper Jason Buratczuk, Nevada Highway Patrol.  “Building out here, we have a lot of traffic out here now. This will just make for a better experience for everyone.”

Just over 100,000 drivers travel on U.S. 95 and the 215 beltway.  According to NDOT, huge growth is also expected in that area over the next few years, which means even more drivers.

Construction on the second phase of the Centennial Bowl project is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2021.