Newly formed DUI Strike Team cracks down people driving under the influence

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A newly formed DUI Strike Team aims to protect drivers and pedestrians from impaired drivers. 

The team is made up of local law enforcement officers, and it’s been operating for just over a month now. But on Wednesday, police authorities officially launched the initiative.

The DUI strike team is a joint effort between Metro Police, Nevada Highway Patrol, and the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

Although this is the first time officials are talking about the DUI Strike Team with the media, the team actually started patrolling the streets at the end of October. So far it’s made around 175 DUI-related arrests.

“If they know there’s a strike team out there hopefully, that will make their subconscious mind; they’ll say, ‘yeah I better not get behind the wheel because this team is out there looking for me,” said Lt. Greg Munson, Metro Police officer in charge of the DUI Strike Team.  “And we have a saying: It’s not if you’ll get stopped by this team, it’s when you’ll get stopped by this team.”

Police say they’ve seen a decline in traffic deaths since October, and they’re attributing it to the DUI strike team.

Metro and NHP are also encouraging everyone to use rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft to get around when impaired.

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