LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Getting that next boarding pass won’t have to be your first priority when you get to McCarran International Airport.

Instead, travelers can go straight to the security checkpoint.

Lorie Dankers a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) believes it will help move the process along for travelers.

“That’s one less thing the traveler needs to do and it should make that process a little bit quicker,” says Dankers.

The airport installed credential authentication technology also known as “CAT.”

It will be at all security checkpoints, impacting every single traveler flying out of McCarran.

This will allow the TSA to scan passengers’ photo IDs and confirm flight information without asking them to hand over their boarding passes.

“We need to know the person who is flying is who they say they are that they aren’t an impostor in any way The CAT unit is able to detect that,” added Dankers.

McCarran Airport is one of the few airports across the country to implement the technology.

“They arent having to dig in and out of their bags and stuff like that so having your ID ready is super convenient,” said Kaitlyn Kauffman traveling from Colorado.

Passengers should note that just because they won’t need a boarding pass, doesn’t mean everyone will be allowed through.

The only exception to this new process for travelers is that those who are under the age of 18 won’t need to present an I.D. but will need to show their boarding pass.