LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new study shows that there has been a 500% increase in sexually transmitted diseases over the last 20 years in the county. 

Nevada has seen the fourth-highest increase in the nation, but it is possible to combat the issue.

There are dozens of different sexually transmitted diseases and infections out there but a study by Inner Body gives us a breakdown of how many reported cases of HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia there are in Nevada.

  • HIV cases: 11,042
  • Chlamydia cases: 14,739
  • Gonorrhea cases: 6,364
  • Syphilis cases: 813

While chlamydia is the highest, there is a concern about syphilis, according to a family practitioner with Concierge Wellness Center Dr. Elena Garcia.

“It could be very tricky,” Dr. Garcia said. 

In another study by Value Penguin led by health insurance expert Nick Van Zant, he said nearly 20 years ago syphilis was close to being eliminated and chlamydia was easier to detect. 

“The numbers are absolutely a cause for concern,” Van Zant said. “We are seeing a decline in sexual education, a decline in preventative measures and all of that has increased in STDS.”

The study showed STD rates per 100,000 residents in Nevada for the year 2000 jumped from 276 to 857 in 2020. 

Dr. Garcia said there are new drugs out there to help prevent certain STDS but they don’t work for all of them. 

“It all comes down to nothing works for everything that’s why condoms are so important unless you are in a monogamous relationship,” Dr. Garcia said. 

She also said since STDs are hard to detect right away, she recommends getting a blood test every time you get a new partner. 

She also recommends getting tested every year as a precaution. 

Most health insurance will cover the cost of STD testing and treatment like any other health condition though there could be a co-pay.