New report shows 90% of CCSD schools were assigned more ‘F’ grades in fall 2020 than in 2019

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District released documents that give a better look at how distance learning is impacting student’s grades. CCSD released a 20-page document ahead of Thursday’s board meeting, which will discuss potentially bringing kids back to the classrooms.

There was a sharp increase in low grades last semester, according to the report.

“The report cards came home with Cs and Fs,” said Rachael Maxwell, a mom of four.

Some of Maxwell’s kids are doing okay with online learning, but her third-grader went from being a consistent “A” student to struggling with his grades.

“You see how this wears down on them, him especially, I’m watching. It’s concerning,” Maxwell said.

The CCSD report shows 90% of schools were assigned more “F” grades last semester than the year before. Eleven percent of students who received an “F” during the fall semester of 2020 earned all “As” and “Bs” in fall of 2019.

“This doesn’t work for him,” said Kimberly Petersen, a local mother. “He wants to separate school from home.”

Petersen says her high school senior, Conner, went from a weighted 4.3 GPA at the start of the semester to earning below a 3.0.

“He’ll complete something, turn it in, think he did great on it, and not get even close to the grade he was expecting,” Petersen said.

In addition to losing the social aspect of school, Petersen says her son’s grades are hurting due to the lack of personal interactions with teachers.

“There’s moments in the classroom that no one anticipates that become teachable, that kids might learn a lot from, and all that’s been taken away,” said Petersen.

The report also highlights the impact on minority students. Nearly 50% of black students received at least one “F” on the latest report card. For Native American and Hispanic students, it was nearly 45%.

“A lot of them are having to take care of their siblings and help their siblings with school,” said Jami Anderson, a teacher at El Dorado High School. “A lot of them have full-time jobs. I have a lot of students that are logging into my classes from work.”

Anderson says she’s encouraging parents to be in close contact with teachers, saying many grading problems can be solved together, over the phone or by email.

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