*NOTE: Daily lab data on the DHHS Dashboard and SNHD reports is updated every morning for the previous day. 

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A record 1,136 people were hospitalized for COVID-19, breaking the record for the fourth straight day, according to new numbers released by the state.

A backlog of testing information due to a system upgrade inflated numbers released by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday. Nevada reported 15,297 new tests performed for COVID-19 — now a total of 526,273.

Of Nevada’s 5 new COVID-19 related deaths, 3 were reported in Clark County in the past 24 hours. 

Data released Thursday notes 1,262 new COVID-19 cases in Nevada and 1,152 in Clark County. This is the fourth highest increase of COVID-19 cases in the state and the third highest for Clark County in a single day.

A report today puts Las Vegas is on a list of the 11 cities that need to take ‘aggressive action’ on COVID-19 efforts to mitigate outbreaks, according to a leader on the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

An upgrade to the state’s Electronic Laboratory Reporting system was completed Thursday morning, and higher levels of tests and cases were attributed to a backlog of cases coming through the system.

“As a result, the state is reporting more than 15,000 tests today, with more than 1,200 new positive cases,” according to a DHHS statement. “It is important to note that not all the tests were conducted in one day, but that the state system is now able to more rapidly capture test results reported by individual labs.”

The upgrade allows faster — as much as seven times faster — processing of information submitted by labs and will provide more timely numbers going forward, according to a DHHS statement. Officials said the COVID-19 pandemic had put a strain on the system. The system has been processing the equivalent of a year’s records in less than a week as the COVID-19 pandemic progressed.

Over the course of the past two to three weeks, recent COVID-19 data shows Nevada is continuing to set records for cases, hospitalizations, ICU patients and ventilator usage. Scroll to read to full COVID-19 report for Wednesday, July 22.


According to the state’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Nevada set a record and reported the highest day for hospitalizations on Wednesday with 1,136 confirmed/suspected cases. This is up 34 from the previous day.

The highest numbers of hospitalizations have all been reported in the last week.

Top 5Number of Hospitalizations (statewide)Date reported
11,136July 22
21,102July 21
31,095July 20
41,086July 19
51,051July 14
Click HERE to see the DHHS dashboard, page 8

There were a record 306 patients in intensive care (ICU) units across the state Wednesday, which is up seven from the previous day. Nevada’s previous high came on Sunday, with 304 patients in intensive care.

DHHS report said there are 156 patients on ventilators, up 2 from the previous day.

More data from the Nevada Hospital Association (as of July 22):

  • Statewide hospital occupancy rates: 74%
  • ICU units occupancy rate: 66%
  • Ventilators in use: 40%
Click HERE to see the DHHS dashboard, page 8


There are now 39,919 confirmed cases and 709 COVID-19-related deaths in Nevada. There were 1,262 new cases and 5 new COVID-19-related deaths reported in the last day. The 5 reported deaths come after consecutive reports of 28 deaths on Monday and Tuesday, — the largest increase of deaths in a single day — but it is important to note there is a delay in death reporting by both the state and county.

Wednesday’s report of 1,262 new cases is the fourth largest increase of COVID-19 cases in a 24-hour period.

The Nevada DHHS says it is important to note that there is often a delay in death reporting. Cumulative daily death counts are displayed by the date of death, rather than the date the death was reported to the state. The total count for statewide deaths on the first tab may not equal the sum of the cumulative daily death counts because of cases where exact date of death is unknown or pending report.

The state has reported five of its largest single-day increases for COVID-19 case in the past week.

Top 5Number of COVID-19 cases (statewide)Date reported
11,447July 15
21,380July 16
31,288July 18
41,262July 22
51,182July 17
You can find this data on Nevada’s DHHS coronavirus dashboard, page 5

The state’s health experts say as more testing sites open and more COVID-19 tests are conducted, the state will see a rise in cases.

As of Wednesday, a total of 526,274 tests have been conducted in Nevada, up 15,297 from the previous day. A note at the top of this story explains the surge in tests is partly due to a computer system upgrade.

Nevada’s cumulative test positivity rate has been in an upward trend for 34 of the past 35 days. It was down for one day on July 7 but back up on the next day. The cumulative positivity rate now sits at 9.7 percent.

*NOTE: Daily lab data on the DHHS Dashboard and SNHD reports is updated every morning for the previous day. As of Wednesday, July 15, the DHHS Dashboard has a new look.

Click HERE to see the DHHS Dashboard


Of Nevada’s 1,129 new COVID-19 cases, 1,152 of them were reported in Clark County on Wednesday, according to data released by the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) Thursday.

The health district is reporting 3 new COVID-19-related deaths and 36 new hospitalizations. 

There is now a total of 580 deaths, 34,209 confirmed cases and 2,548 hospitalizations, according to the Southern Nevada Health District dashboard that updates daily.

SNHD data shows that 6,966 positive cases were reported in the county over the past seven days.

More than a quarter of the cases (25.2%) reported in Clark County are among Hispanics, making it the most impacted ethic group locally and nearly half (48.9%) of the positive cases reported in the county are in the age group of 25 to 49.

Click HERE to see the SNHD dashboard

The health district has revised the way it reports deaths, recovered cases and hospitalizations. In its most recent report, SNHD states that 24.9 people have died for every 100,000 people in Clark County.

The number of people who have recovered from the virus in Clark County continues to increase. As of Wednesday, the county estimates a total of 24,760 recovered cases; that’s 72.4% of all reported cases in the county, according to SNHD’s latest report.

The health district provides a daily map with the number of positive tests in each ZIP code in Clark County.

As the percentage of positive cases and hospitalizations rise, Governor Steve Sisolak announced a directive Thursday, July 9 aimed at bars and restaurants in certain counties to prevent further spread. He is mandating returning to Phase 1 restrictions at 11:59 p.m. Friday, July 10.

The directive is the second time Nevada has tightened restrictions since the state started reopening in early June, allowing businesses including bars, restaurants, casinos and hotels to accept customers.

The state transitioned into Phase 2 of reopening on Friday, May 29, after a directive in mid-March that forced all non-essential businesses to close to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Nevada Health Response officials noted Tuesday, June 9, that Nevada’s COVID-19 data is showing an above-average daily increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the state. They are reminding Nevadans of precautionary measures that can be taken to minimize the spread of the virus such as staying at home when possible, wearing a face-covering in public, maintaining six feet of social distancing and keeping up with proper hand hygiene.

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