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The Boneyard at the Neon Museum is where iconic parts and pieces of Las Vegas live on after years and in some cases, decades of standing tall over the city.  

Now, there are new projects on the horizon for the old sign graveyard.

“This is where the guitar will have its permanent home,” said Brenda Bogue, the director of development at the Neon Museum about the Hard Rock Hotel guitar.

The guitar will be front and center at the museum.    A large pylon marks the spot.

“So it will be really interesting to have this new piece here,” said Sabela Jumgmann, visitor. 

The sign is expected to be installed by the Spring. 

Cristen Drummond, 8 News NOW Reporter: “When you think of the Hard Rock, what do you think of?”
Larvin Nierman, visiting from Illinois:  “I think of the guitar sign. Absolutely! That’s the trademark of it.”    

“The one that will be exhibited in the Neon Museum is the flagship sign. It was the very first one in the world,” Bogue said.

First glowing in Las Vegas from 1996 to 2017.  Following its removal, the Neon Museum started a Crowdfunding campaign to raise $350,000 to restore the sign and help with future maintenance. 

“We are currently at $210,000,” Bogue said. It’s come from donors from around the world. 13 countries, in fact, have donated to the restoration.”

When the guitar lights up, it will bring the total to 16 restored signs at the boneyard.

“It will be the largest restored artifact in the Neon Museum,” said Bogue. It’s going to stand over 80 feet tall and it’s going to be 24 feet wide.”

The guitar will be double the height of the Stardust Spire.

Later accompanying the Hard Rock guitar and the other signs will be artwork from movie director Tim Burton. 

“Mr. Burton came to the Neon Museum earlier this year to take a look at the Neon Boneyard and to get inspiration for these new pieces that he’s going to create,” Bogue said.  “He originally fell in love with the collection when he saw it and filmed “Mars Attacks” and his folks contacted us recently and asked for a collaboration.”

Burton’s exhibit will feature new large-scale installation works as well as previously exhibited pieces on the property. This project is a collaboration between the museum and the director. It will run from October 15, 2019 – February 15, 2020

The Neon Museum is still taking donations for the restoration.  Dec. 31 is the deadline to secure your name on the base of the sign for a $250 donation or receive an invitation to the light up the party with a $500 donation.

For more on the Tim Burton Exhibit coming to the museum, watch the video below.


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