LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Co-pays, deductibles, and prescription costs can add up quickly before you even realize it. As owner of MarioCare- The Medicare Recourse Center, Mario Villalpando dedicates his time and resources to helping senior citizens find the right plan for them at the right time. 

“There is a lot of people that have old plans, and they never review them so what happens when you don’t review them the plan continues, and you end up paying more for your medications,” Villalpando said. “We are familiar with the insurance managers so whenever there are any issues, we are able to resolve those concerns.”

As open enrollment for Medicare comes to an end in just a few weeks, Villalpando said now is the time to compare and contrast all options and plans before making a decision. 

“There are people that are taking very expensive prescriptions and there are some plans out there that will pay for prescriptions that they weren’t doing last year,” he said. 

He said one of his clients was paying $2,400 out of pocket for medication a year, and now does not have to cough up that money simply because she realized she could opt for a few plans.

He also advises there is not a one-size-fits-all for Medicare plan, you must look at what works for you according to your lifestyle. 

The open enrollment deadline is Dec. 7. 

To find more details about the different plans offered and to get advice on which plans work for you, click here.