New park memorializes police officer killed in the line of duty

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Four-and-a-half years after two Metro Police officers were gunned down inside a local restaurant. The Las Vegas community is once again paying its respects to the fallen officers.

Skye Canyon developers are building and naming two new parks after Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo.

Officials broke ground on the first one, the Alyn Beck Memorial Park, Tuesday afternoon near U.S. 95 and Skye Canyon Park Drive.

For Officer Alyn Beck’s widow Nicole, Tuesday’s groundbreaking brings a great sense of pride.

“He deserves it, he was awesome, he was a great husband, he was a wonderful officer, and I’ve had so many people tell me what he meant to them and it just warms my heart,” Nicole Beck said.

She joined a half dozen dignitaries to ceremonially kick off construction on her husband’s park. The fallen officer’s parents were also in attendance.

“It’s wonderful that the community wants to remember him,” said Ruth Beck, Officer Beck’s mother.

Just a dirt lot now, the new park will feature two lighted grass ball fields, basketball courts, a playground and splash pad when it opens in about a year.

It’s right next door to Bilbray Elementary School where his children once went to school.

“He would have cracked a joke about it, and I think he would have just said ‘I’m just a normal guy, just was doing my job, don’t make such a fuss about me,’ Nicole Beck said.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo says a fuss should be made and this is a reminder that something good can come out of something so evil.

“This gives us the opportunity, when you drive by it, or you think about it, if you live in the area and you have a family member, it’s a tragic story, but it’s a good story to tell,” Sheriff Lombardo said.

Captain Sasha Larkin, then a lieutenant said she will never forget Officer Beck and his partner Officer Igor Soldo. They were working on her watch when they were gunned down at lunch on June 8, 2014.

She says the park will help bring closure to Beck’s family and the brothers and sisters on his squad.

“To see the community out in support of this park is really closing a loop for us, it memorializes that our lives, and more importantly Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo’s lives mattered.”

The park is being built as part of the Skye Canyon development.

Officials say a second park will be built in the near future in honor of Beck’s partner Officer Igor Soldo.

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