LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Developers are looking to turn a particular area of Las Vegas Boulevard into a restaurant, brewery, and shopping center for people to enjoy outside gaming and drinks.

The restaurant shopping center would be located on Oakey and Las Vegas Boulevard where the former Ted Wiens tire shop building used to be.

Thus far, the reaction from those in the area has been positive, with the hope that the city gives developers the green light to proceed.

Proposed establishment near Oakey and Las Vegas Blvd. (Photo: Kamran Fouland)

Kamran Foulad with Proview Series LLC is no stranger to developing properties in and around the Arts District. Converting several locations into restaurants like Cornish Pasty, and breweries like the ones on the corner of Main and Imperial.

“So far, we haven’t been turned down by the city on any of our projects,” Fouland said. “They love the ideas that we bring and the projects that we finish. We never start a project and then walk away from it and every project has been very successful.”

However, parking is a major concern. Foulad said this type of establishment would be for those who could either walk or use a rideshare service to get to.

He acknowledged that the city has plans to build a parking structure not too far from the proposed project.

As for now, the city wants input from the neighborhood before they proceed. It is slated to be discussed at the Feb. 14 Planning Commission meeting.