New online portal helps fast-track business for North Las Vegas

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NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The City of North Las Vegas is changing the way it does business, and it’s all thanks to a new online portal that is helping fast track business for the City. North Las Vegas says its new business portal is helping construction projects move along a little faster.

The new 24/7 access portal lets customers schedule inspections, obtain permits, and pay fees online.

North Las Vegas used to process around 5,000 permits a year, but since the portal opened two months ago, it’s already processed nearly 2,000.

“The more technology North Las Vegas can get into, the easier it is for all of our customers, and us as well,” said Valarie Evans, a North Las Vegas building official. “The way we interact is completely changing.”

The City of North Las Vegas is seeing a surge in restaurants and fulfillment centers as well. Since ‘above the crust’ came to North Las Vegas two years ago, general manager Nick Barkin noticed the business boom.

“There wasn’t good food in this area, but now with the development and the growth it’s starting to become more of a built area and a nice area,” Barkin said.

Barkin tells me the growth is driving more people from other areas to North Las Vegas.

“I’ve definitely seen a lot more traffic, a lot more people; more positive than negative,” said Barkin.

North Las Vegas will expand the portal in the near future to allow customers to upload plans, do inspections over video, and provide the public with permit data.

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