LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The City of Henderson approved a new high-rise condo development.

Soon, construction will begin on the Pinnacle Residencies, located inside Macdonald Highlands.

This will be the first residential high-rise in the city of Henderson. With great views, the builder said this will be unlike any other development in the valley.

“A Strip view in Las Vegas is like an ocean view in California,” said developer Jim Reilly.

The fast-growing city of Henderson is now going vertical.

“Every unit will have a 270-degree Strip view,” he said.

The Pinnacle Towers project recently got the green light from the city.

“It’s actually 22 and 23 stories respectfully, it’s 171 residencies in the sky,” he continued.

The development announced an upscale restaurant called Noble Heights that will be inside one of the towers.

As for those concerned about towers popping up on the bare hillside, exclusive listing agent Kirsten Rought Silberman said they are discreetly placed in a canyon.

“Ironically, you won’t notice it until you are inside the gates.”

She says this is expanding the type of real estate options for people in southern Nevada looking for a specific lifestyle.

Prices start at just over $2 million and hundreds of people have placed reservations. They plan to advertise the buildings in other states soon.

“We really want to take this to the residents of Las Vegas and Nevada before we take this to California,” says Routh-Silberman.

Reilly expects the Pinnacle Towers to be completed in 2025.