LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Changes are in store for the future of water use in the Las Vegas valley.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) Board of Directors today adopted two resolutions designed to cut water use.

First, a limitation on turf, and second, restrictions on the installation of evaporative cooling systems — also known as swamp coolers.

According to SNWA, turf uses the most water.

So as new developments are built in the valley, you won’t see a lot of green unless it’s artificial.

There are some exceptions: schools, parks and cemeteries.

“We’ve also adopted AB356, which requires nonfunctional turf outside of the single family sector to be removed by 2027,” Pellegrino said.

“The Colorado River supplies 90% of the water to this community, so it’s vitally important that we do the right thing and manage our water resources responsibly. We live in a desert. We should act like it,” said Colby Pellegrino, deputy general manager of resources for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

“This year there were some more significant changes than usual, in particular the Colorado River being in drought,” Pellegrino said.

Due to the federal declaration of a water shortage, along with a big shift in the population projections for our community, there is a need for a new water conservation goal, Pellegrino said.

“So, our current water conservation goal is 105 gallons per capita per day,” Pellegrino said. “So, if we take all the water use in the valley divided by the number of people that live here, that’s how we come up with gallons per capita per day. We’re proposing lowering that from 105 gallons per capita per day to 86.”

Another recommendation on water conservation: change your irrigation timer when recommended throughout the year.