LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Alpine Motel sits vacant and boarded up nearly two years after a fire that killed six people and injured more than a dozen others, but the fight in court continues.

There are two new lawsuits over the Dec. 21, 2019, blaze. One was filed by a man who jumped out of a window to escape the blaze. The other lawsuit was filed by the owner of the building, who claims he isn’t the only one responsible.

“I used to walk that way,” said Natasha Wen, who lives nearby. “After the fire I just do not.”

She lives around the corner from the Alpine Motel.

“It is sad over there. It was Christmas time. A lot of people lost their lives for nothing,” Wen said.

Six people died in the fire that happened days before Christmas in 2019. Investigators said it was caused by a stove that was being used for heat.

Wen said it could have been prevented.

“People was just trying to get out and couldn’t,” she said. “It was terrifying. I know it was.”

Now yet another victim is taking legal action. A new lawsuit has been filed by Kenneth Gordon, who suffered an injury when he jumped out of a window. The lawsuit says, “Exit doors had been bolted shut, forcing people to jump.”

“Too many code violations. Too many violations,” Wen said. “He had people living like that. He should get whatever comes to him.”

Wen is referring to owner Adolfo Orozco. He is facing 25 different charges, including involuntary manslaughter and negligence.

But now Orozco is pointing fingers.

A new lawsuit blames the onsite manager, a tenant, the City of Las Vegas and three companies connected to the building’s fire alarm system.

Orozco claims they weren’t doing their jobs to keep the motel safe.

As more lawsuits pop up, Wen just hopes justice is served for those who lost their lives.

“I just say rest in peace to the people that lost their lives there like every time I go by there,” Wen said.

There are reports there is a plan to convert the motel to apartments.

A hearing on charges against Orozco is on hold as the defense appeals a legal ruling to the Nevada Supreme Court.