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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are some new laws that are taking effect this week on October 1st.

You will be able to keep your proof of vehicle registration on your phone. Right now, you have to have a physical copy. (SB 71)

Traffic courts can set up a way for you to enter a plea and make statements in your defense over email or snail mail. That way you don’t have to go down to the courthouse to contest a ticket. (AB 110)

Also, Nevada’s helmet law will expand to include all mopeds and tri-mobiles for drivers and passengers. (SB 408)

Here are some other laws that take effect on October 1:

  • Your HOA can’t prohibit you from owning a pet. This does not affect HOA agreements that are already in place. If your HOA agreement already says you can’t own a pet, this doesn’t mean you suddenly can. (AB 161) 
  • Government agencies that willfully withhold public records can now be fined. (SB 287) 
  • Stores can’t sell Kratom to minors. (AB 303)
  • You have to be at least 17 years old to get married. If you are 17, you would need approval at least one parent or guardian. (AB 139)
  • Your boss can’t require you to get implanted with a microchip. You can do it voluntarily if you want. (AB 226) 
  • DMV will sell Vegas Strong license plates (AB 333) 

Some of the biggest changes in Nevada’s criminal laws include: 

  • A police officer can’t have sex with someone they have arrested or detained.  (SB 383) 
  • Sex trafficking victims can have prostitution related charges removed from their records. (SB 173)
  • There is no longer a statute of limitations on sexual assault if it is tied to a murder. (SB 9)
  • Temporary Protective Orders in domestic violence, stalking and harassment cases will last for 45 days instead of 30. (AB 410)

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