LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In a matter of days, several new laws will go into effect in Nevada, including one that will limit the number of classic license plates the state issues.

According to Nevada DMV, some drivers are using classic or old-timer license plates to avoid smog checks.

DMV Public Information Officer, Kevin Malone, said the number of those types of license plates increased three-fold since 2011.

“The primary reason those numbers went up was people trying to claim the smog check exemption on older cars that can’t pass the smog check. Or, people who just don’t want the hassle of doing a smog check,” Malone said.

Classic vehicle owners will have to present classic car insurance before registering or renewing next year.

Insurance for classic cars is usually cheaper than regular car insurance because vintage vehicles are not driven as often.

Michael Cimino owns Collector’s Dream Cars in Boulder City and said that the law will not impact true classic car owners.

“It’s not necessarily the car you take kids to school in or go to the grocery store in,” Cimino said. “Now for cars that are 25 years old and are deemed classic cars, that aren’t really collectible cars. That’s going to impose some more hardship.”

License plates for classic vehicles cost $36 initially and $10 to renew.

Owners of older vehicles will have to submit an odometer certification at the time of registration or renewal.