LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is a little good news in the Bureau of Reclamation’s September 2022 24-Month Study that shows the most recent predictions of lake levels within the Colorado River Basin.

According to the BOR, Lake Mead will continue to drop over the next year, but not as much. In July the prediction for Lake Mead’s water level for July 2024 was 1,013.70 feet above sea level. It is now predicted to fall to 1,016,47 feet. A difference of 2.77 feet.

September 2022 predictions for Lake Mead (Source: Bureau of Reclamation)

As of Thursday, Sept. 15 Lake Mead’s water level was at 1,044.12 feet. This means the lake is now predicted to drop almost 28 feet by July 2024.

From Jan. 25 to July 27 of this year Lake Mead’s water level plunged more than 26 feet before rebounding almost four feet in August thanks mainly to the monsoon. It has since dropped a few inches to its current level.

Earlier this week the National Park Service announced the boat launch ramp at Hemenway Harbor will be extended to allow boating operations down to a water level of 1,037 feet.

Lake Mead is predicted to drop to this level in April 2023.