LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas’ Historic Westside area continues to grow and a number of health services are now more accessible following the addition of a new medical center for senior citizens.

Archwell Health debuted on Owens and H street recently and is the newest of five facilities across the valley and focuses on primary care for seniors.

Luther Clark has been living in the neighborhood for decades and said he’s seen the growth firsthand in the area.

“Sometimes it’s hard because you don’t get the care that you want,” he said. “It’s very important and with me coming in yesterday and taking a test, they found out I need a lot of blood work done for stuff I didn’t know I had with this here.”

Dr. Judith Ford describes the type of options customers have when visiting the health center.

“We try to make our centers a one-stop shop – blood work, initial testing we have all that here. If we need to get a specialist involved we can do that,” Ford said.

Among the list of services, social workers and nutritionists will also be available at the health center to guide each patient in what some described to 8 News Now as a complicated healthcare system.

“I’ve been running around across town way over there and way over here for doctors or for the lab. This is very convenient that everything is here,” Clark added.