LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– When thinking about diversity in Las Vegas, one of many spots that come to mind is Spring Mountain, filled with Asian culture and cuisine. However, during the pandemic, many businesses suffered and were forced to close.

Now, a newly formed group called the Asian American Pacific Islander Chamber of Commerce is hoping to help business owners in the community rise up.

“We live in the community, and we hear every few days oh my god such and such restaurant closed prior to the pandemic they were doing quite well,” said Dr. Christopher Choi.

Choi and his wife Cindy are business owners, who are now part of the group, a first-of-its-kind catering to all members of the Asian community in Nevada.

The group had a soft launch during the pandemic, a time when struggling businesses needed help the most. During that time the group helped with applications for PPE loans.

Their next event will be held on Tue, Oct. 25.