LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If skydiving over the famous, neon-glow of the Las Vegas Strip at night sounds like the kind of experience you’d like to have, all you need is big bucks to make it happen.

A new adventure, Skydive the Strip: After Sunset, is launching in Las Vegas near the end of September but has already taken reservations from those willing to pay at least $30,000 for the unique experience of jumping from a helicopter and free-falling 11,000 feet over the iconic Strip.

It’s likely the most expensive skydiving experience in the world. Skydiving at Mount Everest costs around $25,000.

Skydive the Strip: After Sunset experience begins at the end of Sept. 2023. (Credit: Skydive the Strip After Sunset)

According to the news release from Skydive the Strip: After Sunset, it’s a one-of-a-kind world experience because it’s the first and only authorized company to do a tandem jump for first-time skydivers after sunset.

That price tag also includes a VIP experience that starts with limousine transportation from anywhere in Las Vegas to the Las Vegas Country Club where guests will be picked up by a private helicopter directly off the fairway. The news release states each experience is tailored to a guest’s preferences and of course, there is a video and picture included.

The jumps occur on Monday evenings and less than 100 reservations a year will be taken. The company says it has done rigorous safety testing and there will be one-on-one training with customers before the jump.