LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s been over a month since a series of new medical care services have been accessible to unhoused people in Downtown Las Vegas.

8 News Now got an inside look at The Neighborhood Clinic and how those services are making a difference to those trying to get back on their feet.

Shannon Griffin has lived at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission for the past two years while working to overcome personal struggles.

“It’s just one day at a time for me, I just want to be a better me,” she said.

Griffin also told 8 News Now catching a cold is common after being around so many people.

“We get sick a lot with all the kids and being around each other we get sick often,” she added.

Last month the clinic opened its doors at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission campus off Bonanza and D Street.

The clinic offers free medical care and screenings to unhoused people who would normally travel miles to see a doctor.

“We do onsite pharmacy, and imaging and we are trying to integrate other specialists to come on-site over these clients would need a bus pass,” Chrisy Etheridge a family practitioner at the clinic said.

The area is known for a high concentration of people without a home, insurance, or transportation and with little to no access to health care according to Dan Briggs founder of the neighborhood clinic.

“What this is trying to achieve is lay the foundation for next year and the years to follow, we want to open 2023 ten more in areas in underserved areas where people haven’t had access to medicine,” Briggs said.

On Tuesday, the former medical building underwent a renovation, with repairs being made to the roof and landscaping.

“Everybody here has been through stuff. None of us are perfect, when you really want to change, God will put things in your life,” Griffin said.