LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– On Aug 11 Metro officers were involved in a car chase that closed several Las Vegas roads and ultimately ended with the suspect slamming into an officer’s vehicle, according to police reports.

Justin Venegas, 40, faces several charges including, but not limited to, attempted murder with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon, and discharging a firearm at a moving vehicle.

According to police reports, on May 20, officers responded to an armed robbery in the east valley. During the robbery, a man stole a vehicle at gunpoint from a 73-year-old woman. Through an investigation, police identified that man as Venegas.

On Aug 11, officers were conducting a follow-up investigation at Venegas’ last known address in the northeast valley. After witnessing Venegas leave, Metro’s air unit was requested to follow him.

Police said the air unit witnessed Venegas forcefully carjacking someone driving a Chevy Avalanche near North Pecos Road and Cheyenne Avenue. Police then tried to stop Venegas, who ignored the officers and continued to drive off.

Officers then chased Venegas as he sped away. During the chase, one officer in an unmarked vehicle, who was following close behind Venegas, crashed into the rear of the stolen Avalanche when Venegas came to an abrupt stop, police said.

According to police, officers attempted a ‘PIT’ maneuver- which stands for precision intervention technique- near Craig Road and 5th Street, to stop Venegas. However, police said Venegas was able to avoid this by firing at officers from inside his vehicle, striking the windshield of one patrol car. The officer in the passenger seat of the patrol car that was struck, fired at Venegas through the windshield, but was unable to stop the stolen Avalanche.

Police said Venegas then forced another vehicle to stop near Desert Inn Road and Jones Boulevard in an attempt to carjack the driver. According to police, Venagas got out of the stolen Avalanche and approached the driver with a gun. The driver was able to reverse and avoid having their vehicle stolen. Police said Venegas then fired at the vehicle while it was reversing before returning to the stolen Avalanche.

Venegas then continued east on Desert Inn Road, with officers attempting to catch him. He then stopped at a shopping center near 4800 West Desert Inn road, according to police. It was there that Venegas attempted to carjack another vehicle, but was again unsuccessful. Police said he returned to the stolen Avalanche, and while attempting to flee was confronted by officers who had gotten out of their vehicles and were demanding he stop. Police said Venegas then tried to drive through the officers, leading them to open fire at Venegas, striking the stolen Avalanche multiple times, but missing him.

According to police, Venegas then drove off, heading north on Decatur Boulevard, before spotting a Las Vegas Metro K9 vehicle, and deliberately colliding headfirst into it, in an attempt to kill or injure the officer inside.

Police said following the collision, they were able to apprehend Venegas without issue. He was taken to an area hospital, along with the K9 officer. The police dog was taken in for veterinary care, but no apparent injuries were reported.

According to police, a total of 37 rounds were fired by officers during this incident.