LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When driving on the 215 in the southwest part of the valley, drivers can’t help but notice the construction projects popping up in the area. For instance, a major shopping center called The Bend is under construction near S. Durango Drive and W. Sunset Road.

Tom Hayzlett lives in the southwest valley, and he, too, has noticed an increase in construction projects in his neighborhood. He says he’s looking forward to the opening of The Bend.

“It is nice to see new growth in the neighborhood,” Hayzlett said. “It is good for the economy; it is good for the neighborhood.”

David Tina owns Urban Nest Realty, which is in the same area. He has seen the changes to the area over the years. 

“With the economy going into the tank, the southwest got hit very hard,” David Tina, Urban Nest Realty.

However, The Bend is a prime example of how the southwest is improving. Not only will it have a shopping center, but the plaza will also have luxury theaters, restaurants, and retail.

“I am hoping to see that become a focal point like the District or Downtown Summerlin for the southwest,” Tina said. “If you go across the 215, there is the Commons, an eat, work, and play campus.” 

In addition to The Bend, commercial development is everywhere in the area. 

“I think the access on the 215 Beltway is critically important,” said Michael Naft County Commissioner, District A.

County Commissioner Naft says the growth will bring more people to this part of town. 

“We are having tremendous growth, but also that means tremendous job opportunities for people,” Commissioner Naft said.

Either way, Hazylett, who moved to the area three years ago, says he is welcoming the changes.  

“Every homeowner hopes the value of their home will go up; it has gone up since I bought the house,” Hazylett said.

As of now, the company building The Bend is not releasing a date of completion for the project.