LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — School is out for the summer, and while some kids are spending their days watching cartoons or playing video games, one Clark County School District teacher is showing kids how to build them. 

“So, let’s have it say something catchy, ” an instructor says to a room filled with children. “It can say, ‘I got you!'”

The students are learning a new language: It’s one that not everyone can speak, but it’s one that almost everyone uses — code.

“Kids have that mind, that youthful mind that’s like a sponge,” said Craig Barishman. 

Barishman has been a teacher with the Clark County School District for 15 years. Three weeks ago he opened ‘Code Ninjas’ in Centennial Hills.

“Coding is like the new doctor, the new lawyer, the new engineer,” Barishman explained. “It’s gonna be the biggest job out there.”

A recent report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of coding jobs will increase by 13 percent by 2026. With those statistics, the students at ‘Code Ninjas’ aren’t just playing games, they’re working on their futures

“I do wanna be a video game producer too, so that’s kind of what got me into coding,” shared 9-year-old student Amelia Courtney.

“I just love coding,” stated Ryan Rakin, another student. 

At just the age of 11, Ryan’s goal is to make his own app. 

“There’s a lot of math in this; you gotta plan everything out,” he said.

‘Code Ninjas’ is karate-themed, so its students have a sensei to guide them through the curriculum even when their parents can’t. 

“I tried to explain it to my dad, but he just fell asleep,” Amelia shared.

Through coding, students remain engaged and learning even if it is summer break. 

“Parents come in saying this: ‘Well my kid’s playing video games anyway, why not start coding and making video games!'” Barishman said.  “And I go, ‘That’s exactly what we want them to do!'”

The coding center has different options for students, from dropping in a couple of times a week, to a daily summer camp option. 

To learn more about ‘Code Ninjas’ visit it in-person for a tour: 
Code Ninja is located at 6955 N. Durango Road
Suite 1113-1114 
Las Vegas NV 89149 

Also, visit Code Ninja’s website here.