LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District launched a one-of-a-kind Family Support Center to help students and their families.

The facility is located on Maryland Parkway and Oakey and is part of the rebuilding of Global Community High School which took four years to complete.

CCSD said the primary focus is on newcomers, undocumented students, and their families.

The center is a part of a $65 million community investment, according to the school district.

Astrid Silva an immigration activist, and co-founder of the Dream Big Vegas organization, spearheaded the project and is the unifying director of the center.

“As myself someone not being able to speak English, being able to learn with my parents was something that changed my life,” she said. “Through the center, we want to make sure all students have that access.”

Silva added that the center will offer more than the basic classroom needs.

“It also gives us an opportunity to contribute different things. We have a variety of organizations that will be working out of here to provide families with additional resources as well,” she said.

The campus differs from the other 10 support centers across the valley, according to CCSD because of its full wrap-around approach from immunization, and eye exams, to navigating the school system and language support.

“It’s so exciting that these doors are now open and the kids can come in,” Silva added.

The services are free to all families within CCSD, no pre-registration is required.
For more information on the services and programs offered click HERE.