LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local nonprofit Project 150, which provides basic necessities and services to disadvantaged teens, teamed up with Elite Athletes to help homeless and at-risk students build their self-confidence.

Proam Sports Medicine founder James Murphy welcomed high school students to the new program, called “A Fighting Chance,” led by top-notch athletes.

It’s a 90-day program with classes being held twice a week, teaching the basic techniques of boxing and MMA.

“Helping kids that need a little lift in life,” Murphy said.

The idea came out of a tour of Project 150 after which Proam fell in love with the mission and decided to create the opportunity.

“They had a lot of energy, they wanted to go go go, pull the reigns on them a little bit!” said Welterweight UFC fighter Mike Pyle.

Project 150 has been serving southern Nevada for 11 years, providing basic services to some 8,000 students.

“Families can’t afford to put their kids in martial arts, or extra curricular activities, this allows them to meet new people, after all, they’re from all different schools in Clark County,” said Executive Director of Project 150 Kelli Kristo.

“If they learn something, use to defend themselves, then great, have a good time,” added Middleweight Boxer Shane Mosley Jr.

If you’re interested in getting involved and supporting the program, you can reach out to Proam Sports Medicine, as they’d like to grow and reach more students.