LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The latest public artwork unveiling and dedication in the Arts District will take place on Thursday, showcasing a three-dimensional sculpture by artists Yasmina Chavez and Javier Sanchez.

According to the artists, the solar panel at the top of the piece collects energy during the day while the surface of its acrylic glass becomes reflective in the sun. When night falls, the energy collected activates LED lights floating on the inside, giving breath to the sculpture as it glows.

The piece is meant to be “a metamorphosis of light energy and a tribute to the resiliency of this creative urban desert community.”

“Imagine a giant grabbing a square sample out of the sidewalk and ground underneath, pulling it up towards the sky about eight feet,” the artists described in their proposal. “As it travels up, it becomes wider at the base twisting about a quarter turn with a slight arch and revealing a radiant core. This is ‘Emergent,’ a solar-powered light sculpture made of stainless steel and a glittering, holographic, translucent, rose-gold acrylic glass.” 

The artist team was selected to create the artwork in May 2019 with an allocated budget of $26,000.

Chavez has been a featured artist in media-based festivals, including the 2018 Vibrant Digit in Shenyang, China and Life Is Beautiful 2013, and co-founded and co-curated 5th Wall Gallery, located inside Emergency Arts in Downtown Las Vegas.

Sanchez’s work has been featured locally and nationally, including Life Is Beautiful 2014, Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, and Typical group exhibit 2016 at Buffalo Art Studios in New York.

“We are excited to continue adding public art to city streets,” said Ward 3 Councilwoman Olivia Diaz. “We know our residents and visitors value art, and this project gives us an opportunity to highlight the work of talented local artists. We look forward to bringing more art projects like this to downtown and throughout Ward 3.”

The unveiling will take place at 5:30 p.m. at 1119 S. Main St.