LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nearly five years after the tragic events of 1 October, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman unveiled a new sculpture built to promote strength and resiliency.

The stainless steel sculpture honors those lost on 1 October, and is titled the ‘Flight of Healing.’

The piece stands 10 feet tall and its central tree trunk embodies growth and strength and will serve as a connection to the Tree of Life in the Healing Garden. The colorful butterflies are attached to the sculpture and are said to represent healing and a guiding light, and in particular, the monarch butterfly was chosen to symbolize a guardian angel.

It is displayed in the Las Vegas Storytelling Garden, north of the Las Vegas Healing Garden, which was created in the days after the shooting as a place to honor the victims.

Sue Ann Cornwell and Alicia Mierke are the sculpture creators and are not only Las Vegas residents but also 1 October survivors and have served on the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden Committee since its inception. The two women have also worked to care for and tend the garden as volunteers.

“I want to thank the designers of the sculpture, who are themselves, survivors of that painful night,” Goodman said.

The project was funded through the mayor’s fund Las Vegas Life, which supports key initiatives.

The total project cost is just over $39,000.

The Las Vegas Storytelling Garden is located at 1015 South Casino Center Boulevard.