LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s workers will see an increase in their pay at the end of this week as the minimum wage is set to rise on Friday by 75 cents.

Assembly Bill 456, passed in 2019, increases the minimum wage in 75 cent increments every year until July 2024.

Unless otherwise exempted, the wage increase will apply to all Nevada workers, though a two-tier system is in place.

A lower tier of the increase may be applied to employees who have been offered health benefits, while a higher tier must apply to employees who have not been offered benefits.

Starting Friday, those offered health benefits will have a minimum wage rate of $9.50, while those not offered health benefits will have a rate of $10.50.

By July 2024, the rate for those with benefits will rise to $11, and the rate for those without benefits will rise to $12.

Daily overtime rates will also increase as a result of the measure.