LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s first preschool for kids with visual impairment officially opened Wednesday. 8 News Now attended the launch in Henderson and witnessed how the school is helping kids thrive.

The Children’s Learning Center welcomed several children, including Trey Osbourne, who is legally blind. His mother told us their last daycare didn’t know how to care for him.

“It was very frustrating. We’d get calls pretty much every day saying he’s too much for them,” revealed Sunshine Kennedy, Trey’s mother.

Kennedy wanted more opportunities for him to grow, so she moved her family from the East Coast to Las Vegas.

“Him coming here opened up with wide arms, there’s no judgment here. It’s wonderful.”

Teacher Marcee Clark told 8 News Now this preschool is much more than learning the ABCs. Students are using their other senses to learn key social skills and interact with the world around them.

The school has modified the curriculum so kids can be more involved.

“The children can touch the ball so they know it’s play time or touch the spoon so they know that it’s time to each,” said Clark.

Occupational therapists and other services at the school help kids with motor skills. This allows teachers to track the students’ progress.

“I’m literally going to three to four different places outside of this for him to get his services, so the fact that it’s all included in one is awesome,” stated Kennedy.

The school plans to expand its program to welcome even more kids from different age groups.