LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Electronics are expected to fuel a 2.5% increase in back-to-school spending for K-12 students this year, according to the Retail Association of Nevada (RAN). Overall, Nevadans will spend about $491 million.

The impact of inflation has 38% of shoppers surveyed saying they will have to cut back spending in other areas to cover back-to-school items, RAN reports.

“Back-to school-shopping is a necessity for Nevada families of school-age children, and this year more families are cutting spending or relying on financing options to make sure their kids have everything they need to learn,” said Bryan Wachter, Senior Vice President of RAN. “Spending on school-related electronics surged during the pandemic to facilitate remote learning and continues to make up a majority of back-to-school spending.”

Computers, phones, headphones and other gadgets will add up to $117.4 million in spending as K-12 students head back to classes. Electronics will be the largest spending category as Nevadans spend an anticipated $346.3 million this year for K-12 students.

The top spending categories:

  • $117.4 million: Electronics
  • $105.6 million: Clothing and accessories
  • $67.4 million: Shoes
  • $55.9 million: School supplies

On a national level, families with students in grades K-12 will spend $36.9 billion, based on a recent survey by the National Retail Federation. Average spending per household nationwide is expected to hit $864.35, up from $848.90 last year.

College students will account for another $144.2 million in back-to-school spending, according to the survey:

  • $36.1 million: Electronics
  • $20.5 million: Dorm and apartment furnishings
  • $20.2 million: Clothing and accessories
  • Food: $14.1 million

Nationwide, spending for college students is projected to reach $73.9 billion, with the average household spending almost $1,200.

Back-to-school shopping is second only to the winter holidays in retail spending, according to RAN.