LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered to protest Governor Sisolak’s response to COVID-19 and the shutdown of our state. A group called “Operation Nevada” organized protests in Carson City and Las Vegas. 

The group is calling for an end to the stay-at-home order and is demanding a recall of Governor Sisolak. Most of the protestors at the Grant Sawyer Building were not wearing masks, nor standing six feet apart. 

Some of the protestors 8 News Now spoke to say the way Governor Sisolak has responded to the virus is an overreaction. 

“This virus is not that bad, it’s not worse than viruses we’ve had for years and we’re treating it like it’s the plague,” said Linda Cannon, Vice Chair of the Clark County Republican Party. “The real thing is that it’s an assault on our economy and our rights, and he has overstepped his boundaries.”

Many protesters want the governor to reopen the state and let people go back to work.  This week, Governor Sisolak said setting a reopening date will depend on widespread testing, social distancing and health risk assessments. 

“I think he’s making the wrong decisions, and I think that we should start taking back our country,” said protester Ralph Townsend. “We’ve closed down the economy, are we nuts?”

8 News Now reached out to Governor Sisolak’s office for a statement on the protests. We have not yet heard back.