LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It has been two weeks since the country’s deadliest wildfire in the past 100 years swept across the island of Maui. Nevada jumped right in to support emergency response efforts and Friday night the Task Force 1 team sent to Maui returned home to the 9th Island.

Around 50 first responders arrived at the task force warehouse Friday and many had an emotional return after being gone for about two weeks. Also part of the mission were 17 members of Clark County fire.

“To have the honor to be called and help in that situation is amazing,” Michael Porter said. “The devastation is indescribable until you actually see it and you’re in it.”

Maui officials filed a lawsuit against a utility company for allowing the fire to start saying that by keeping their power lines active, the strong winds knocked down the power lines, igniting flames that spread quickly due to the dry conditions.

Another major addition to the task force was a K9 unit that went along with them to help find bodies and fight the blaze. Four K9s accompanied the crew, two of which were human remains detection dogs.