LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada State College is one of the fastest-growing colleges in the nation, and more students attending means more new buildings as the college continues to expand.

NSC students, faculty, and administration have worked closely with their planning team, the City of Henderson, and the community to create a plan for the development of the campus in the near and long-term future.

New improvements are designed to meet the needs of students and increase access to several different subjects, including the new Christenson Education Building and a busy residence facility.

NSC President DeRionne Pollard said the goal is to have 20,000 students on campus.

“One would be an academic village, which would allow us to house a number of our robust student support services and other services in one spot as a one-stop-shop for students,” she said. “We’ll also be looking at expanding the campus with a STEM building for highly focused engineering and our math, and the arts will probably be there as well.”

At NSC, there are a little over 500 acres of land yet to be developed, and these ideas will be discussed in the upcoming legislative session.

Pollard said she hopes that over the next few years, other developments will include athletic facilities and public or private partnerships to drive economic development in the college.

This is the college’s 20th anniversary, so they’re celebrating the new space while welcoming new students to campus.