LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If you’ve been looking to adopt a furry friend, the Nevada SPCA offers free adoptions for animals six months and older.

“Yesterday, was one of the worst days for Nevada SPCA for pet abandonment, and pet returns so our team decided as of today through Labor Day we’re waiving the adoption fees as part of the Clear the Shelters campaign,” said Lori Heeran with NVSPCA.

Sir Darius Brown of Beaux & Paws, who is a big supporter of pet adoption, makes bowties for animals and is giving one away with each pet adopted. (KLAS)

Herran said a lot of pets have recently been surrendered and the shelters are overflowing with dogs and cats who desperately need homes. She said as pets are adopted it opens up space for new animals.

Heeran said the SPCA can also help struggling pet owners with food and vet care if it will help keep them from surrendering their pets to a shelter.

Sir Darius Brown and an SPCA volunteer pose with one of the dogs up for adoption. (KLAS)

If you adopt an animal, it will come with one of Sir Darius Brown’s Beaux & Paws handmade bow ties. He donates his bowties to shelters to help get pets adopted.

He believes dogs and cats look “dapper and adorable” wearing bow ties and it increases their chances of getting adopted.

The free adoptions will be in place through Labor Day.