Nevada Realtors oppose Gov. Sisolak’s 45-day extension of eviction moratorium

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Monday, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that Nevada’s eviction moratorium that was set to expire today would be extended for 45 days. But not everyone is happy about the governor’s decision.

Nevada Realtors released a statement in opposition of it, stating people rely on rental property income to support their families. Joe Moeller looked into how this is impacting landlords in the southwest valley.

“Is it fair to put that burden on a landlord who is offering something to our community that is extremely needed,” asked Vandana Bhalla, Signature Real Estate Group.

Signature Real Estate Group represents landlords for 900 properties.
Bhalla says they were preparing eviction notices just days ago.

“There is about 10 to 12% of the properties that are managed that have not gotten some sort of payment,” Bhalla said.

According to Bhalla, many landlords were shocked by the extension.

“The landlords have got nothing. They still have to pay trash, sewer; they have to pay their mortgages; they have to pay their taxes,” Bhalla said. “It is a little frustrating, and they are frustrated as well.”

Bhalla says landlords are trying to do what they can.

“There are several programs that servicers and mortgage companies are offering,” said Brian Almero, Dignified Home Loans.

Almero says properties can try and get assistance from their mortgage company.

“If they haven’t been to forbearance or deferment if they haven’t asked that yet typically they will grant it the first three months with no questions asked and then after that, it is really reviewing if there is a hardship if they want to extend it,” according to Almero.

The Nevada Apartment Association released a statement Tuesday saying some are taking advantage of the moratorium, and they said they wished they were a part of the extension conversation.

“Apartment complexes in Nevada are more than landlords. They are communities, and it takes a village to maintain and operate these communities. Impacts to our industry trickle down to small business owners, service providers, product suppliers and trades.

Rent payments allow us to keep properties staffed and actively managed to house and protect our residents from exposure to COVID-19. However, there is a population of renters who are not eligible for pandemic-related assistance and therefore should not have been included and allowed to benefit from this 45-day extension. Continuing to protect those who are not financially impacted by the pandemic and who have the means to pay rent is very irresponsible.

We stand with our residents, developers, owners and operators as we navigate these challenging times and encourage flexibility to ensure community needs are met. We have and will remain transparent and open to finding solutions. We wish Gov. Sisolak’s office had included us in the conversation and hope there will be improved communication going forward.”

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