LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Nevada is among the top ten states for businesswomen, according to StartUpNV, a non-profit which helps entrepreneurs raise capital and attract investors.

Lindsay Ballengee and Marta Spegman moved to Nevada from California to get their start-up Safe Arbor off the ground.

The company specializes in secure contactless cannabis transactions. Its locker product lets customers pay for, and pick up, dispensary orders without ever interacting with a person.

“This makes it easier for customers to get their goods more safely and quickly,” Spegman said.

The lockers are currently in place at Wallflower Cannabis House off Blue Diamond, but the company plans to expand into other businesses. Ballengee credits their success, in part, to Startup NV.

“We’re very welcoming to all sorts of entrepreneurs and I think in this state, women are favored and they have the sense they can start and be successful,” chief of staff and communications director for Startup NV Maggie Saling said,

She added that one percent of the funding through the program supports female-owned companies. That’s 13 times the national average for similar businesses.  Companies founded solely by women nationwide last year, garnered only about 2.4 percent of the total capital invested in venture-backed startups; while women-founded ventures in Nevada received six times that average through StartUpNV’s Fund-NV and Angel NV.

Saling shared the following advice for anyone looking to start their own business: “I would say, stick to your dreams, but learn as much as you can and I would say also that it helps to have mentors along the way.”