LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada State Occupational Safety and Health Administration has clarified social distancing requirements for restaurants, including acceptable face coverings and seating. OSHA also spoke on potential consequences for restaurants violating issued guidance.

OSHA told the Nevada Restaurant Association acceptable face coverings for employees who interact with the public will consist of fabric that completely cover the nose and mouth.

Face shields are not to be used in place of a fabric face covering. However, they do say face shields may be used along with fabric face coverings.

Seating in side-by-side booths is acceptable if partitions are added. Partitions must create a “complete barrier” between patrons and provide a minimum of six feet between breathing zones of patrons seated in adjacent booths.

In terms of consequences, OSHA says it has the authority to issue financial penalties against employers who do not follow these regulations. They may also mandate specific actions to decrease hazardous conditions in restaurants.

Serious violations can be penalized as high as $13,494, while repeated or willful violations can be penalized as high as $134,937.

Issues may also be reported to state and local business licensing authorities, who may impose restrictions or revoke operating permits or licenses.