Nevada man travels country to get shelter dogs adopted

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Lake Tahoe man quit his job and is pursuing his dream of travel, but this time he has a life-saving message and some furry friends as companions.

His first stop was in Las Vegas. This is road trip number two for dog lover Lee Asher. He is crisscrossing the country — in an RV — with his nine rescue dogs. There is everything from a Saint Bernard to a Chihuahua. His message is simple. Adopt a dog. Save a life.

Asher visited the Nevada SPCA, a Las Vegas no kill shelter, Thursday to highlight some of the dogs that people often overlook, which include older dogs.

One dog, Cinnamon has lived half her life at the shelter waiting for a family to adopt her. Asher wants people to know that the dog you might see scared in a cage will blossom once it has a forever home.

“Whether the dog is barking or laying on its belly, the dog is in a very uncomfortable situation. Once you bring that dog home, it’s completely different. No matter how much, how beautiful the dog looks, times that by 1,000 when you bring him into a home,” Asher said.

His goal was to get 49 dogs adopted on his first mission. He ended up getting more than 200 dogs adopted.

Asher packed up Queen, Butters, Bobo, Cali, Penny, Molly, Tony, Lillie and Stella into the Asher house RV and set out to do it again. His thousands of fans on Facebook and Instagram follow their escapades — and hope to meet them — at shelters all over America.

He’ll be on the road for the next four months. He is now headed to Texas and Florida with a lot of stops in between. Donations keep him going. However, more than money, he wants people to consider adopting an animal from a local shelter.

Here is a link to his website. It shows the dates of some of his other stops.

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