LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A central Nevada man is recovering in a Las Vegas hospital after suffering burns at a hot spring.

The incident happened two weeks ago in Round Mountain, located about 300 miles northwest of Las Vegas in Nye County.

As David Knaack, 45, remains hospitalized, his wife Mary-Lou wants the world to know what her husband did.

“He went in because he’s a hero, and he’s brave and courageous,” Mary-Lou, said. “He has the biggest heart, and he would do that for anyone. But he did that for our dog.”

Recounting the incident that led to her husband’s hospitalization brought her to tears.

The family’s five-year-old German Shepherd Sasha had jumped into a hot spring.

David touched the water with his foot and realized it was scorching, according to Mary-Lou.

But overwhelmed by watching his dog whimper and cry, David went into the water anyway.

“Be aware that hot springs, they can be fun but they’re very dangerous and they kill animals and people,” Mary-Lou said sobbing.

Since Tuesday, Oct. 25, David has been at the UMC Lions Burn Care Center receiving treatment for second-and third-degree burns. Most of the injuries occurred below his knees.

Sasha, unfortunately, died on the way to a veterinarian. David was flown by helicopter from Round Mountain to Las Vegas.

“We need help right now and it’s such a hard thing to ask for,” Mary-Lou said.

There is a GoFundMe and Venmo account (@MaryLou-Knaack) set up to help the Knaack family cover David’s medical expenses and the amount of time he will miss from work as a miner.

“She left this world knowing that he would do anything for her,” Mary-Lou said.

David Knaack is currently battling an infection and his wife said she expects him to stay at UMC for several more weeks.