A pair of gun control measures get their first and possibly only hearing before a state legislative committee Monday morning. The bills are being pushed by Nevada Democrats, who say more gun safety is needed in the wake of the 1 October shooting in 2017.

Assembly Bill 153 would make it a crime to leave or store a gun where a child can get it.

Assembly Bill 293, a more sweeping and more controversial bill, tackles three issues. Democrats are calling it the 1 October Bill. It would include a statewide ban on bump stocks, like the devices used by the Route 91 Harvest Festival gunman. A nationwide ban took effect last week. AB 293 would cement the bump stock ban in Nevada law in case the federal prohibition is overturned in court.

AB 293 also lowers the amount of alcohol someone could have and still carry a gun from .10 to .08. It would also let local governments strengthen gun laws.  Currently, only the state sets gun laws, meaning rules are same in cities across the Silver State. 

The National Rifle Association has said the proposals go too far.  The NRA also accuses Nevada Democrats of trying to push the bills through with limited public input. Today’s hearing is a joint hearing with the Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committees together, as opposed to separate hearings for each chamber.

Monday’s hearing begins at 8 a.m. in Carson City. It is broadcast live via teleconference at the Grant Sawyer Building at 555 E Washington Ave in Las Vegas.