LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Nevada Department of Administration announced that it is substantially increasing the amount of US military veterans being hired.

Veterans currently make up 6.2 percent of the state workforce in Nevada. For perspective, that percentage was only 1.8 percent in 2016. An average of 70 veterans are now hired per quarter.

In 2015, the state instituted a Veteran Hiring Program within the Department of Administration to focus on recruiting veterans. In 2019, through executive order 2019-05, Governor Steve Sisolak established the Veteran Peer Mentor Program, which complemented the Veteran Hiring program by providing a support structure, mentorship, and professional development opportunities for state-employed veterans. There are currently more than 40 veteran peer mentors across state agencies in Nevada.

The department also announced that it has expanded the Veteran Hiring Program to include spouses of active duty military members, as well as veterans.

Veterans seeking further information can visit this link.