LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In a daily update, State health officials expressed concern with the current hospital ICU occupancy rate. It is currently around 84% statewide and roughly 89% locally, while normally, it’s in the 70th percentile.

The rate is being addressed.

UMC says their occupancy rate is more than 90%, but they are making changes to treat more people.

Other hospitals are also making room for more patients.

“I think people have been a little lax,” said Dr. Jonathan Baktari, medical director for e7 Health.

He revealed there are a number of reasons for the uptick.

“I think it is multifactorial. It is going into Phase 2, the Fourth of July, the protests,” said Baktari. “You put it all together, not surprising.”

While more and more people are testing each day, the results of the tests are taking longer.

“A lot of the labs do not have enough supplies to keep running the tests. They get the tests; I have seen some patients tell me they have waited as long as 10 days to get the results.”

As the state improves contact tracing and more testing is being done, cases are expected to increase. More tests will also be available in Nevada soon.

E7 Health plans to launch at-home COVID-19 tests.

“You get the kit from us. You basically spit in a cup and send it to our labs,” explained Baktari. “You get results 48 hours later. We should be launching that next week.”