LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Highway Patrol stepped up enforcement Sunday after the Big Game to look out for dangerous and impaired drivers. 8 News Now went on a ride-along in one of their ghost vehicles to catch these drivers in the act.

In the hour that 8 News Now spent with NHP, two drivers were stopped, one of which was arrested for driving under the influence.

“Some people make poor decisions, so we are out there to prevent any loss of life or serious injury so hopefully by us being out there and starting the campaign, it may sway some people,” Jason Buratczuk with NHP said.

The Nevada State Police Highway Patrol Division and other law enforcement agencies came together for the month of February in what they call their “Joining Forces Campaign” to ensure safety on Las Vegas roadways.

“My mission every night is to keep the roads safe,” Trooper Martin Moran said.

From speeding to driving while impaired, NHP was on the lookout for it all. NHP troopers shared that impaired driving does not just mean that alcohol is involved. They said that anything that affects a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle including phones and music.

Just this past weekend alone on game day, Nevada State Police encountered 10 crashes, 13 DUI’s and two wrong-way drivers.

Nevada State Trooper Martin Moran showed 8 News Now firsthand how busy the roadways were after the Big Game ended.

“The highest speeds are usually found on the 15, especially coming into las Vegas. You start seeing the lights in Vegas so it’s like moths drawn to light,” Moran said.

Nevada State Police Sergeant, Jason Buratczuk added that drivers need to be more aware of who to reach out to when they see a crisis on our roadways.

“If anyone spots a wrong-way driver, dial (*) NHP,” Buratczuk shared. “It goes directly to our dispatch center and that will get a trooper dispatched within minutes.”

According to NHP, in 2022 nearly 400 people died in crashes where impairment and speed were the top two contributing factors.