LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — No additional Nevada General Election results will be released today. The Nevada Deputy Secretary of State for Elections, Wayne Thorley, told 8 News Now’s Vanessa Murphy earlier in the day that his office was hoping to release more results Wednesday afternoon. Thorley later confirmed that this would not happen.

Thorley says the next update will be tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. He also told us starting at 9, election results will load one county at a time on the website.

The I-Team also asked if there was any evidence of voter fraud in Nevada so far, to which Thorley replied:

“No. No evidence whatsoever of coordinated, widespread voter fraud. We have received a handful of complaints and allegations, and they’re just allegations at this point, unproven, that we’re looking into. But no. No evidence of voter fraud.”

He says less than 10 allegations are being investigated and that law enforcement is involved.

As we reported yesterday, 30 polling locations were ordered by a judge to stay open an extra hour. The Trump campaign and Nevada Republican Party filed a lawsuit to keep polls open after they got a late start due to technical issues.

We asked Thorley how that affected the election. He wouldn’t comment on lawsuits, but he did say the results were then reported about an hour later.

Clark and Washoe counties also had conflicting information throughout the day, by Wednesday afternoon, according to both county registrars, no more results had been or would be released.

Wednesday morning, the Elections Division of the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office tweeted: “That’s it for election results updates until 9:00 am on Nov. 5.” The full tweet is below:

“Obviously, there’s a lot of interest in how the vote is going in Nevada and we recognize that,” Deputy Secretary of State for Elections, Wayne Thorley, told 8 News Now. “We will have a fairly large update hopefully later today which again get us even closer to final unofficial election results.”

He said the original plan was to delay results until Thursday because every time the state receives results from Clark County, it takes staff away from counting ballots. However, Thorley said he recognizes there is high interest.

Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria said Wednesday afternoon he did not have any numbers to release on ballot counting until Thursday because he wanted to provide accurate information.

Starting Thursday there will be a daily news conference at 10 a.m. until the counting process is finished, he said.

“We are doing this to provide transparency,” he said. “What we have left now is to process provisional ballots, electronic ballots that were sent to overseas voters, electronic ballots that were processed for disabled voters, and also some special ballots that were for new residents.”

He added that 337,000 mail-in ballots have already been counted in Clark County and his team can process as many as 70,000 ballots a day. Mail-in ballots postmarked Nov. 3 will be accepted until Nov. 12.

In Northern Nevada, Washoe County spokesperson Bethany Drysdale told CBS News they planned to release another results update at 10 a.m. Wednesday but that didn’t happen. You can follow the Washoe County election results updates HERE.

So far, the state has counted all early in-person votes, all Election Day in-person votes and all ballots through Nov. 2.

Still to count:

  • Mail ballots received on Election Day
  • Mail ballots that will be received over the next week
  • Provisional ballots

It’s unclear how many votes are still outstanding.