LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While many businesses across Nevada and Las Vegas are shutting their doors, the marijuana industry will continue to operate across the Silver State. Marijuana dispensaries were not listed among the “non-essential” services in the Nevada Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Initiative.

Cannabis-related businesses fell under their own category within the initiative. Dispensaries are allowed to stay open if they follow the listed guidelines.

Licensed cannabis stores and medical dispensaries should only remain open if employees and consumers strictly adhere to the social distancing protocol.

Nevada Health Response COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Initiative

Along with this, The Nevada Health Response Center is encouraging consumers to “use delivery services and not congregate in stores.”

With this news, local dispensaries have seen a huge uptick in business. Long lines and queues have plagued the businesses all over the Las Vegas valley.

Below is video from “The Source” dispensary at Sahara & Rainbow around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“This last week has been a very long year,” joked Brandon Wiegand, Regional General Manager for “The Source” Dispensaries. “We’re doing our best to make sure we’re serving the community but also protecting the community.”

Wiegand says The Source has put their own protective measures, including asking customers to wait in their cars and using text messages to alert them when their orders are ready.

“We’ve come up with a short-term solution, but we’re look for more of a long-term solution,” Wiegand said. ” We are sitting now at an hour, hour and 15 minute wait. That seems to be increasing, but we’re working diligently and trying to chew through everyone as quickly as possible.”

As many grocery stores across the valley have seen issues with people buying many products in bulk and clearing out entire aisles and shelves of products, Wiegand said he does not see that happening at The Source dispensaries.

“We’re not out of product,” Wiegand said. “Our supply chain is still alive. There is no risk of us running out of product right now. You don’t need to do a run on the dispensaries.”